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Ordinances, Policies, and Information
The Codification Library of Smith County

The Codification Library of Smith County Policies and Documents is a consolidation of current, functioning and applicable regulations and policies for Smith County, Texas. In the spirit of open government, its purpose is to invite and encourage public access to Smith County documents and policies.

The idea for the Codification Library originated with recommendations from the Texas State Comptroller’s Office Local Government Management Assessment Study and Smith County’s continued efforts to serve as the example of an open and transparent local government body.

Codification Library Project

All policies and documents regulating business, infrastructure, safety, environmental restrictions and administration have been centralized in a single, electronic reference library for the public’s use. Only those documents known to be active legal instruments and relevant to public use are included.

History of the Project

The prominent growth of Smith County, especially over the last forty years, has necessitated greater access to more information in electronic format for the convenience of residents and others living and working within the broad scope of this local government.

A special committee was appointed by the Smith County Commissioners Court in 2012 to create a single, publicly accessible data base of Smith County regulations and policies for the citizens and business community of Smith County.

With that goal in mind, all regulatory documents passed in Smith County dating back to 1847 are being researched and reviewed to bring to the public a complete and comprehensive library of rules and procedures that are applicable today. The initial list was completed and published in 2013 and will be continuously updated as regulations and policies are passed by the Court.

How to Use This Document

The Document is divided into numbered categories, beginning with Section 10, which cover Land Use, Roads and Transportation, Environment, General Business, Health and Safety, Administration, and Facilities and Parking.

Readers of this Codification Library are encouraged to submit comments, suggestions, questions, etc., regarding any possible additions, modifications, or other items.

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