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Environmental Crimes
In mid-summer of 2002, the Smith County Commissioners Court, with grant assistance from the East Texas Council of Governments in Kilgore, approved the forming of a Litter Abatement program in Smith County. The program was brought about because of the ever increasing problem of unlawfully discarded waste. From the small beginnings of the program, it has evolved into a department that investigates:
  • the illegal dumping of wastes;
  • public nuisance properties;
  • junked vehicles;
  • unlawful disposal of used motor oil and lead acid batteries
  • used tire dumping;
  • unlawful use of business dumpsters;
  • disposal of chemical and medical waste; and
  • commercial business dumping and water and air crimes.
Because of its diligence, the Unit has been recognized and honored by the Texas House of Representatives, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the East Texas Council of Governments, the Texas Environmental Law Enforcement Association, the Tyler Chamber of Commerce, Keep Texas Beautiful and local and national media.
A Division of the Sheriff's Office

Phone: (903) 590-4904

Phone: (903) 590-4905

Investigator Tommy Goodman
Investigator Mike Burton
(903) 590-4904
(903) 590-4905
The unit employes two full time investigators, certified in environmental crimes and traditional state law. Both investigators, who are licensed by the State of Texas as Peace Officers, have countywide jurisdiction. Both Investigators are available to public groups, civic organizations and schools to speak on environmental crimes, their effects and how to break the cycle of environmental crimes.
Quick Facts
Property Owners and local governments spend large amounts of money each year cleaning up wastes deposited by uncaring individuals. These monies easily reach into the millions of dollars and some of the money is your tax dollars. These individuals do not care that their waste are polluting your lands, water and air and that future generations will be affected by their selfish acts.
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