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District Clerk

The office of District Clerk is established by Article 5, Section 9 of the Texas Constitution. The District Clerk is the office of record for all proceedings heard in District Courts, and in Smith County, some civil and family matters heard in County Courts at Law. This includes the most serious personal injury, contract, real estate, and consumer lawsuits; all divorces, child support and custody cases; as well as tax collection cases.

Records of felony cases are kept in the District Clerk's office. Note: these records are currently available on-line.

Deputies of the District Clerk carry out the decision of the courts by issuing writs, abstracts of judgment, preparation of warrants, or commitment documents in criminal matters.


The District Clerk accounts for is the administrator of the Smith County Jury System.

 District Clerk filing fee's as of September 1, 2017 click here

The District Clerks office is now accepting criminal E-filing. We will be mandated as of January 1, 2018.

  Attorneys wanting access to the District Clerk documents please click here for a Copy of our Subscription Agreement you can electronically sign it and email it back to our office after you receive payment confirmation.

Notice: Effective November 14, 2016 the Smith County Clerk and District Clerk’s offices will be updating our fees to e-mail a regular copy of a document to a requestor (per LGC 118.011(c) & GC 51.319(3)). The fees will be as follows:

0-15 pages - $1 per page

16 pages and up - $15

 Fee to certify a document remains at $1 per page. A certified copy cannot be e-mailed, as a certification requires a raised seal.

Click Here for the most recent Monthly Appointments and Fees Report

Please Note: The District Clerk's Office has a new refund policy effective immediately.
Over-payments that are less than $10.00 will only be processed if request of a refund is received in writing within 30 days of the purchase date along with a copy of the receipt.

Refunds of $10.00 or more will continue to be automatically processed.   For more information contact the District Clerk’s Bookkeeping Department at 903-590-1667 or 903-590-1665.

Rules and standards exist which establish the qualification of attorneys to be appointed to represent indigent defendants in death penalty cases. Click here to download those rules. You may also click here to download a list of qualified attorneys. 

 County Court at Law Number Two--List of Mediators (Family Law)

County Court at Law Number Two--list of Amicus/Ad Litem Attorney's

 Click Here  for a list of self help legal resources                    

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Smith County District Clerk
100 North Broadway
Room 204
Tyler, Texas 75702

Phone: (903) 590-1660
Fax: (903) 590-1661

Lois Rogers District Clerk (903) 590-1660

Appeals (903) 590-1677
Attorney General Suits Division (903) 590-1668
Bookkeeping (903) 590-1665 or 1667
Child Support (903) 590-1687
Civil Division (903) 590-1663 or 1669
Front Intake (903) 590-1672 or 1670 or 1671
Jury Coordinator (903) 590-1700
Juvenile Coordinator (903) 590-1664
Tax Suits Division (903) 590-1672
7th District Court Felony Clerk (903) 590-1678
114th District Court Felony Clerk (903) 590-1680
241st District Court Felony Clerk (903) 590-1679
321st District Court Family Clerk (903) 590-1674
When is the best time to check on receipt of a payment?
Our clerks process checks between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. In order to post the checks and mail them the same day, we would appreciate your calling after 4:00 p.m. This not only allows for prompt turnaround of checks, but provides up-to-date information with respect to your account.
How much past due is my account?
We do not maintain past due balances. However, you may request a print out of your account to determine the past due amount, if any. A $5 fee is charged per printout and may be paid by cash, certified check or money order.
I have not received my check. To what address did you mail my check?
The last address provided to our office in writing. If you have moved and not advised us of your address change and a forwarding order has expired, the check may have been returned to us.
May I give you the name of my new employer over the phone?
A new Request for Employer's Order must be completed, along with a $20 fee.
Click here for the form.
When making a child support payment, to who do I make the check payable?
Please make the check payable to the payee, not Smith County or Smith County District Clerk.
My ex-spouse is not making child support payments. Can you help?
Our office does not act as an enforcement agency for collection of child support. You must seek assistance from an attorney.
How do I reach the Office of the Attorney General?
The Tyler office may be reached by calling one of the following numbers:
  • General Assistance: (903) 533-0393 or (800) 687-8257
  • For Payment Info: (800) 252-8014
How can I check on the status of a child support payment?
You may check on the status of a child support payment via e-mail at:
Child Support Payments
Smith County Texas
100 N. Broadway Tyler, Texas
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