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Smith County Fire Marshal/Office of Emergency Management
The Smith County Fire Marshal/OEM
Rain, a welcome sight, but is it enough?

So far the weather we are having in the first quarter of the year has been quite a change from last year. The drought we experienced last year was devastating, and according to the Texas Forest Services, the 2011 wildfire season was the worst in Texas history. The agency said wildfires destroyed nearly 4 million acres and 4,000 homes and other structures, making it the most destructive season ever. Ten people died.

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2011 Acres Burned The 2011 drought and wildfire season took its toll on Smith County. Even with a burn ban in effect the latter part of the year, about 3,100 acres burned and 223 people were evacuated from their homes. Due in large part to the efforts of the various fire departments working together however, over 100 residential homes were saved from destruction.

The long term recovery from the drought will probably take years and it’s been said that as much as 10% of the trees and forest areas will not survive this spring due to the stress caused by the drought.

Aug 2011 Drought The National Drought Mitigation Center provides a new index, the “Standard Precipitation Index” or “Drought Monitor Index” that is used to monitor moisture supply conditions. When looking at the index for August of 2011, Texas almost looks like it was on fire.

Currently, when you look around, spring is in the air and the azaleas are blooming. It looks like a typical spring. Lake levels are on the rise and precipitation levels are just about normal for the year.

According to recent reports in the Tyler Morning Telegraph, the Chief Meteorologist John Adams with KYTX CBS19 has said that the weather patterns responsible for last summer’s devastations seem to be weakening and we could be in for a relatively mild summer. Even the U.S. Drought Monitor Index has been downgraded to show Smith County to be in a moderate state of drought.

March 2012 Drought As Fire Marshal of the County, we would still caution citizens to take precautions and keep in mind that although it may look very green right now, ground level moisture has not reached full recovery.

If you are interested in downloading the Drought Monitor maps, click here

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The mission of the Fire Marshal's Office, the Office of Emergency Management and Local Emergency planning is:
  • to enforce all state and county regulations related to fire, explosions, or damages of any kind caused by fire or explosion; and in the interest of safety and fire prevention, to inspect any structure for fire hazards, if called to do so;
  • to investigate the cause, origin, and circumstances of each fire that occurs within the county that destroys or damages property, and to file a complaint charging arson, attempted arson, conspiracy to defraud, or other crimes against a person believed guilty;
  • to keep records of each fire investigated, including the facts as related to the origin and cause of each fire; statistics, and circumstances;
  • to coordinate the work of the various county fire fighting and fire prevention units;
  • to execute a workable emergency management plan designed to provide for emergency services, shelter, and food for the citizens of Smith County, and to assist the State of Texas as needed during times of disasters through mitigatin, preparedness, response and recovery from disasters.
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