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Animal Control
Texas livestock laws make certain distinctions between what is considered a stray animal and what is considered an 'estray' animal. Select the Mission Statement link below for detailed information.
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Animal Control Ordinances
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To make a report:
You may call the Smith County Sheriff's Office at the 24-hour communications center in a non-emergency situation. Phone: (903) 566-6600
In the event the animal is posing a threat to the public or the situation is an emergency, dial 911.
To claim an animal:
To claim dogs you may call the Animal Control administrative office Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. Phone: (903) 266-4303
To claim livestock you may call the Smith County Sheriff's Office at the 24-hour communications center, as well as the Criminal Investigations division of the Sheriff's office. Phone: (903) 566-6600 or
(903) 590-2840 or
(903) 590-2842 or
(903) 590-2844
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Animal Control Mission Statement:
It is the objective of the Smith County Sheriff to safely and efficiently recover and return stray animals to the rightful owner through a diligent search, and to provide the most effective means of transportation, impoundment, advertisement and sale of such animals when ownership cannot be determined.
  • Stray Animal (Dog)-
    Animal means any mammal, domesticated or wild and The Sheriff's department's Animal Control Authority, as part of the Northeast Texas Public Health District, defines a stray animal as a 'Dog' or a member of the canine family.
  • Estray Animal (Livestock)-
    Texas livestock laws define an estray as any valuable domestic animal such as a horse, mule, hog, sheep, goat, cattle, exotic livestock, or exotic fowl that has strayed from it's owner. Texas livestock laws require the Sheriff to pick up any estray animal reported to the Sheriff's Office, regardless of who reports it.
When a report is received by a dispatcher, he/she shall obtain as much information as possible from the reporting person about the animal's location and possible owner, then dispatch an animal control unit.

If a danger to the public is determined, a patrol unit will be dispatched if an animal control unit is not immediately available. The first responder will then make a diligent search to determine the owner of the stray. If they are unable to locate the owner, the stray will be transported to the designated Smith County facility, which may be different if the stray is a dog or if it is livestock.

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  • Cause Number:   14
    donkey blk and grey jack
  • Cause Number:   22649
    Male Black and white lab mix 1 year old 42 lbs.
  • Cause Number:   22720
    wht/blk pit mix m 1 yr. (Does not like anything around his neck.)
  • Cause Number:   22792
    * St. Bernard Mix
    * Female
    * 3-4 years Old (55lbs)
    (Right eye is missing)
    Date: 9/25 - No Chip

  • Cause Number:   22878
    * Terrier Mix
    * Male
    * 1 Year Old (11 lbs)
    Date: 9/26 - No Chip
  • Cause Number:   23169

    brown/white lab mix

    brown lab mix

    yel lab mix

  • Cause Number:   23169

    2 yel lab mix

    brown lab mix

    brown/white lab mix

  • Cause Number:   23170
    • Lab Mix ~ 70 lbs.
    • Male ~ 2-3 yrs.
    • Cream & White ~ no chip
    • Date 09-29-14
  • Cause Number:   #23172
    Chihuahua 3 year 35lbs male black and white.
  • Cause Number:   #23172-1
    Catahoula 3 year 35lbs tricolor female and pregnant.
  • Cause Number:   #22273
    Pit bull mix black and white female 4 years old 50 lbs
  • Cause Number:   #23172-2
    Yellow lab mix male 3 years old 60lbs.
  • Cause Number:   14-23227

    1 blk and grey jenny

    1 blk and grey jack

    and 1 grey baby jack

  • Cause Number:   23304
    • Pitbull Mix 
    • Female ~ 43 lbs
    • Tan & White ~ no Chip
    • Date 10-01-14
you have found 14 animals.
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