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Pre-Trial Release Bond Office and Bail Bond Board
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Bail Bond Board
Smith County Office Building
200 E. Ferguson Room 213
Tyler, Texas 75702

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday

Phone: (903) 590-2620
Fax: (903) 590-2626

Our office follows the Smith County Holiday Schedule

Gary Pinkerton
Lynda Swann - Office Manager
Verna Carroll - Investigator
Michael Scott - Investigator
Office Functions:
  • Interviewing and investigating individuals recently incarcerated in Smith County Jail.
    • To allow to the maximum extent possible, release for persons who have been accused of criminal offenses pending judication of their charges.
    • To assure that accused persons appear in court to face their charges and that they do not pose a threat to the public or any specific individual during this period.
  • Monitoring client's weekly check-in and enforcing the defendant's compliance of bond conditions and court appearances.
  • Receiving, checking, sorting, scanning into the computer and distributing all bonds to the appropriate departments and agencies.
  • Performing all administrative and clerical functions for the bondsmen and the Bail Bond Board.
Pre-Trial Release and Personal Bond Office:
A Pre-Trial Bond is a personal bond offered as an alternative to jail release for those individuals who qualify. The Pre-Trial Release Office is funded through the Smith County Commissioner's Court and was established in March of 1979.

The Mission of the Smith County Pre-Trial Release and Personal Bond Office (PBO) is to provide Judges and Magistrates with information on defendants charged with felony and / or misdemeanor offenses by thorough, accurate interviews and investigations.

Our office provides:
  • Appropriate bonding for defendants considered for release by a Judge / Magistrate and assist in the reduction of the jail population pursuant to Jail Standard Compliances
  • Supervision of defendants released on personal bond geared towards assuring court appearances and heading off unlawful behavior.
  • Information to the Court regarding violations of court ordered release conditions.
PBO will treat all people equally regardless of race, national origin, disability, age, gender, sexual orientation or religion.
Smith County Texas
100 N. Broadway Tyler, Texas
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