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Employee Recognized for 15 Years

Smith County Juvenile Services Director Ross Worley congratulated Glenda Whisenhunt this month for 15 years of service to the county.

Ms. Whisenhunt started working in 2001, as a part-time case aide while Worley worked as an intake/court officer at the former Juvenile Services building on Berta Street.

The co-workers were “gifted” with 184 cases from Deputy Director Garry Hults and told to “do the best you can,” Worley said. “Ms. Whisenhunt did an amazing job of scheduling appointments, sending out letters, serving summons, getting pink sheets to the DA, preparing court paperwork, preparing files for transfer etc.”

They were down to 54 cases when she left for a full-time position at the Smith County Clerk’s office and Worley went to work in detention as facility administrator. Ms. Whisenhunt returned to Juvenile Services full time after six months at the County Clerk’s office, and has been there ever since. She now serves as data coordinator and as administrator for personnel in the department.

“Congratulations Glenda on 15 years!” Ross said.



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