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Smith County Animal Control Begins Hero Dogs Program

The Smith County Animal Shelter is happy to announce that its Hero Dogs have saved their first life!

On November 30, shelter dogs Casper, Allistar and Lane donated two units of blood and two units of plasma to save another dog’s life.

Smith County Animal Control is partnering with Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic and Tyler Junior College Clinic Vet Tech Program to help Smith County stray dogs change their life from being homeless dogs to Hero Dogs.

“We would like to thank Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic and TJC Vet Tech Program for requesting us to partner with them to help change the lives of stray animals in Smith County,” Smith County Animal Control and Shelter Coordinator/Supervisor Le’Kisha Stinecipher said.

The Tyler Emergency Animal Clinic and TJC Vet Tech Program started a Blood Donor Program. Hero Dogs are approved by in depth testing to become a blood donor. The blood will supply the veterinarians in this area to help save other animal's lives. A Hero Dog receives an internal parasite test, chemistry test, heart-worm test, rabies vaccination and blood type test. All approved dogs have already donated their first initial donation of blood and have received a Blood Donor Tag to place on their collar, Ms. Stinecipher said.

Approved Hero Dogs need to be available to donate blood for a minimum of four times a year. In return, they will received Heart-Guard heart-worm preventative medicine and rabies vaccinations for LIFE! All testing, vaccinations and medications will save each individual an estimate of $400. Donation of blood will be accepted by Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic in Tyler.

“The Hero Dog can be a shelter dog or your very own dog,” Ms. Stinecipher said.


If you own a dog over 50 pounds that is heart-worm negative and younger than 8 years old, and you are interested in joining the program, contact Tyler Animal Emergency Clinic at 903-534-0459. If you are interesting in adopting a shelter dog that is a Hero Dog, contact The Smith County Animal Shelter at 903-266-4303.

Adopted Hero Dogs will be released with all donor information, results for all of testing that was administered, and a tag with a certificate showing the dog is approved for the Blood Donor Program.

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