County Court at Law FAQs

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  • Administrative

    • How do I get a copy of a transcript of my court appearance?

    • What if I need a Foreign Language Interpreter or an Interpreter for the Hearing or Speech Impaired?

  • General Court Questions

    • Can I talk to the Judge?

    • How can I get a Waiver of Arraignment form?

    • If I pay my Hot Check off, is my case dismissed?

    • Is there a limit to the amount in controversy in a Civil Case?

    • What are waivers of arraignment?

    • What is a Pauper's Oath Application?

    • What type of case does each court handle?

    • When are criminal cases heard?

    • When are uncontested matters heard?

  • Payment and Fees

    • If I have a Hot Check case, how do I pay the checks?

    • Where do I pay my fine and or court costs?

    • Where do I pay my fine and or court costs?

  • Work Release

    • How do I find out if my work release is granted?

    • What is a work release ?

    • Where and when should I turn in my work release form?