Bond Release

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handcuffsSmith County Pre-Trial Release and Personal Bond Office

The Smith County Pre-Trial Release Office was established by the Smith County Commissioners Court in March of 1979.  Our mission is to provide individuals who have been arrested on Class A, B and C Misdemeanors and certain felonies with an alternative to Smith County Jail while awaiting disposition of their case. Pre-Trial Bonds are approved by the courts. Bond fees are $20, or 3 percent of the bond amount, whichever is greater.

The individual in jail can contact the office at (903) 590-2620 or a friend/family member can contact our office. The defendant must complete a pre-trial release application.

A bond investigator will conduct an interview and background investigation for those seeking release from jail. The program's function is to collect and verify data pertinent to the defendant's character, reliability, community ties, past record and current charges. If released on personal bond, pre-trial staff monitors compliance and provides case management to assure that defendants make all scheduled court appearances and successfully comply with conditions of bond.

Pre-Trial Release Bond Investigations are reviewed by the judges on an individual basis. No person is discriminated against because of race, color, sex, age religion, national origin or disability.

Criteria for Release

The Pre-Trial Release Office assists in the reduction of overcrowding in the county jail by allowing qualified defendants an opportunity to be released on personal bond while pending disposition of their case. In considering an individual for release, the agency is concerned with three primary factors: (1) whether the defendant will appear for scheduled court settings; (2) whether the defendant poses a serious threat to the safety of the community; and (3) will the defendant comply with all conditions of the pretrial release program, if the PBO bond is approved.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a resident of Smith County or reside within a 50-mile radius.
  • Must be in jail on local offenses.
  • Must report to this office every week until your case is disposed of.
  • Must appear in court for all scheduled court appearances.  
  • Must report in at the Pre-Trial Office after each court appearance.
  • Must refrain from unlawful conduct.
  • Must not be on Probation or Parole.
  • Notify the office immediately of any changes of address, telephone number or employment.
  • Must complete a client travel form in the event you plan on going out of town.

Should a person fail to follow these rules, their bond will be surrendered for violation.

Any false information given to this office may cause revocation of your bond.

PBO Fee Chart 2018
Pretrial Bond Application 

Court Appearance

All court appearances will be held at the Smith County Courthouse, at 100 N. Broadway in downtown Tyler.

  • Enter the Courthouse at the West entrance. (Broadway Avenue)
  • You will pass through a metal detector, so please do not bring any unnecessary or illegal items with you.
  • Do not bring children to court with you.  Please make arrangements for their care.

 Personal Appearance/Hygiene for Court



  • Do not wear clothing that is too tight or revealing (no tank tops, halter tops, miniskirts or shorts).
  • Flip flops and tennis shoes are not appropriate foot wear.
  • Practice good hygiene (bathe, comb hair, brush your teeth).
  • Dress in neat and clean clothes (no tee shirts).


  • Shave.  If you have a full beard, mustache or goatee, trim it.
  • Wear shoes or boots in good condition (no sandals or flip flops).
  • Practice good hygiene (bathe, comb your hair, brush your teeth).
  • Dress in neat and clean clothes (no tee shirts or shorts).
  • Do not overdress.


  • Know exactly how you plan to get to court so you will not be late.
  • Have a back-up plan if the first choice fails (car breaks down).
  • If traveling by bus, know which bus route you need to take and what time to be at your stop in order to be in court.


  • Leave home early to allow for delays and finding parking.
  • Remember you will have to pass through a metal detector.  Do not carry unnecessary or illegal items to court or you may be taken into custody.
  • Turn off cell phones or any electronic devices you bring.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the courtroom.
  • Be prepared to spend time in court. Your case may not be the first case called.

Procedure for Bond Release

  • Contact our office.
  • Inmate will be interviewed/investigated.
  • Submit folder to the appropriate judge(s).
  • Wait for the judge's decision. (approval or denial) We will contact you with the results.
  • Once the personal bond has been signed by the judge the releasing procedure will begin.
  • Someone will remit the $20 or the 3 percent bond fee to our office. Once we receive the money, you will be given a receipt. PBO only accepts cash, money order or cashier's check.
  • The jail is contacted so the inmate can be released.
  • The person bonded out must obey all the conditions of the bond until the case is disposed.

Note: An application must be completed.