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DSC-SettaniJoseph-19Records Services activities concern all inactive records covering Smith County’s District and County Courts and other select documentation regarding and preserving the precious history and heritage of Smith County and its people. 

Actions involving the receipt, storage, retrieval, use and disposition of the records are done according to state law and the rules of the State Library and Archives Commission.

This pertains directly to the statutory authority of Government Code: Chapter 441, subchapter L; 441.225(b); 441.185, and State Agency Bulletin #4 of September 2007.  The counties of Texas are legally responsible for retaining and preserving their permanent and historical records.

Under the legal purview of the Commissioners Court, service is provided to all residents of Smith County and any others wishing to access the records properly consistent with maintaining the requisite security of the documentation.  All efforts are aimed toward striving for excellence.

Records management can be defined as a field of management responsible for both the efficient and systematic administration and control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, utilization, protection, and disposition of records, regardless of the recording medium involved.

Included within this understanding are processes for capturing and maintaining records as evidence of and information about business activities and transactions.  Organized control is then definitely involved over the information used in executive problem-solving and decision-making activities concerning the intelligent use of a systematic and scientific approach to business records management, public or private.

There is a rational concern for all records required for the proper continuance of government and business operations at costs consistent with the related services involved; this is so that needless records will not be created and useful ones will be available, when needed, by an institution.  In short, the basic effort is to get the right data/information/record to the right person at the right time and at a reasonable cost.  This is part of the management of a viable program, with its systems and subsystems in place, for the support of institutional records work covering the entire lifecycle of a record from its initial creation to its then final disposition or complete destruction.

Records are best seen as within the inclusive scope and context of records and information resources management where information, in any records medium, is thought of as an important resource equal to human, plant, equipment, and assets held by any institution, public or private.

Historical note: The Records Services Department (RSD) was founded on February 1, 1984, as the Records Bureau.


Cotton Belt Building
1517 West Front Street, Room 150 (Basement)
Tyler, Texas 75702-7897

Phone: (903) 590-2960
Fax: (903) 590-2965

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 
Closed for lunch noon-1p.m.

Closed for major holidays

RSD Documents

County Clerk Microfilm at ACS - II

County Clerk Microfilm at ACS - I

SSG Survey of Records Center

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