Record Services Mission Statement

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The Smith County Record Services Department assists all customers and the general public by providing professional access to the deposited records through trying to yield the best possible service.

Activities are directly aligned with the ongoing purposes of the Commissioners Court, and for properly enhancing all efforts to effectively and efficiently meet the many important needs of county departments seeking records management guidance, assistance or advice.

Record Services Department Core Values

Core values for this department encompass the following: rendering of the best service possible to county agencies involved with or seeking its record management services, maintaining professional standards of ethics and conduct for working with internal (agencies/departments) and for external customers, and taking pride in accomplishing the tasks assigned.

Record Services Department Vision Statement

The Record Services Department seeks to meet the challenges of 21st century records management needs.

Through such affirmatively attempted RM leadership, as is thus provided by the RSD, it will demonstrate empirical efforts that highlight directly how this department can try to be a progressive institution, as to then rightly staying in proper touch with all aspects of modern records technology, RM best practices, and cognate standards.  This is the RSD’s way and means of adhering to positive allegiance toward the Smith County motto: “Striving for Excellence.”