Delinquent Tax Sales

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Smith County does not sell tax lien certificates. Investors may purchase properties at our tax sales or by sealed bid after the property has been 'STRUCK OFF'.

Tax Sale Information

Completed written statement of no taxes due from the Smith County Tax Assessor-Collector's office.

Date and Time
First Tuesday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

West steps of the Smith County Courthouse located at 100 N. Broadway in Tyler, Texas.

To Obtain a Tax Sale List
A tax sale list will be published in the Tyler Morning Telegraph on three occasions during the two weeks preceding the sale (dates vary). Notices are also posted at the Smith County Courthouse. Visit the web sites of the tax attorney's who represent Smith County.

Payment in full is required of the winning bidder on the day of sale. Payment must be by cashier's check or money order. Credit cards are not accepted.

Other Costs
The other costs that must be paid at time of sale are: any fees that have not been paid, other costs associated with the sale; also, taxes for post judgment years may also be due from the buyer.

A sheriff's deed is issued at the time of sale, or shortly thereafter.

The owner may redeem the property at any time up to six months to two years after the sale. The redemption period varies for each property according to the type of property, the length of time we have been trustees, etc. When an owner redeems the property, he must pay the investor the amount paid at time of sale plus 25% and any costs of sale during the first year of redemption. During the second year, the investor is entitled to the amount paid at the time of sale plus 50% and any costs of sale.

Struck-Off Properties

Properties that are not sold at the tax sales are "struck-off" to the county as trustee. These properties can be purchased from the Smith County Tax Assessor-Collector at a later date by sealed bid. You must obtain a list of these properties and bidding instructions by mailing $1.00 plus a self-addressed stamped 10" x 13" envelope to:

Struck-Off Properties
Smith County Tax Office
PO Box 2011
Tyler, Texas 75710-2011

Please Note: We DO NOT have a mailing list for the struck-off properties. You must submit a new request each month for updated information. Any request without the proper fee of $1.00, proper self-addressed size envelope and postage will not be honored.