Property Tax FAQs

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  • Property Ownership & Liens

    • How can I determine who owns a particular property?

    • How can I obtain my legal property description?

    • How do I find out the value of a property?

    • I have recently purchased my property, why is the tax bill not in my name?

    • If I pay taxes on a property do I obtain possession of the property?

    • If we buy or sell a home in mid-year, who is responsible for the taxes?

    • Whom do I notify that I have paid off my mortgage?

    • Why did I receive a tax bill on property I no longer own?

    • Why do I owe prior taxes with penalty and interest when I just purchased the property?

  • Statements, Billings & Payment

    • Where do I get exemption forms?

    • Do I qualify for any exemptions?

    • I never received a tax statement, what should I do?

    • My address is not correct on my bill, how do I get it corrected?

    • What are my payment options?

    • What forms of payment are acceptable for payment of property taxes?

    • When does penalty and interest P&I start to accrue?

    • Why did my tax statement come to me instead of my mortgage company?